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Rameurs Crossfit
Faire des pompes

Frenchies Roosters



Join Frenchies Roosters and taste the thrill of performance in a friendly atmosphere.

Unleash your potential, surpass your limits, and achieve your fitness goals with our expert coaches. 

Take the first step towards a stronger, fitter you. 

Join Frenchies Roosters today and let the journey begin.

Roues Crossfit

Trial Class

Discover CrossFit at Frenchies Roosters. 
Try a class for only 5 dollars*.
Push your limits, burn calories, and improve your fitness in a friendly atmosphere. 
The session is suitable for all levels.

A coach will guide you throughout the entire session.
*Session fee refunded upon registration

Drop in

Are you on vacation or passing through Panama?  Drop-in at our CrossFit box, one of the four affiliates in Panama. Enjoy a high-quality workout with our experienced coaches and join our community. Come and experience CrossFit our way!

Séance d'entraînement kettlebell

Our class

Coffee shop

After your CrossFit session, take a well-deserved break in our adjoining Coffee Shop. Indulge in quality hot beverages, energizing smoothies, and healthy snacks to recharge your batteries. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and unwind with our welcoming team. Welcome to our relaxation space !

Le café parfait
Sport Portrait d'équipe

A gym for Children and Teenagers

Introduce your children and teenagers to CrossFit.
At our Box, we warmly welcome children and teenagers to learn how to take care of their fitness and health. At Frenchies Roosters, we embrace a family-friendly atmosphere where children and their parents are valued. Our experienced coaches lead tailored class, fostering self-confidence and the joy of movement. Join us for dynamic and fun workouts ! 

Join us

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